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We are delighted that you are visiting our site, which is dedicated to helping veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses find veterinary jobs, and thus helping to ensure the well being of animals across the UK.

“Try us out, you have everything to gain! Our website is full of useful infomation to help you along the way.”

We are a small family run business specialising in recruitment for veterinary surgeons and nurses, it’s the only thing we do. We launched in July 2011. We are passionate about getting the right people in the right job. We pride ourselves on our efficient, professional and friendly approach.

Our service is simple and ethical and we like to build good relationships with the people we work with. We appreciate that finding the right staff member can be time consuming and our aim is to help you along the way so that business can continue to run smoothly and stress-free. We also know that finding the job you want can be stressful and we know just what to do to make your search easier.

You may be interested to know that because animal welfare is so important to us, we donate to animal based charities. Suggestions are always welcome – if you come a across an animal charity that you think is doing a brilliant job and could use some additional funds, please let us know.


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